Hello I'm Aulauly/喵喵子,if you wanna see some more,you can go to my DA


OMG a KevEdd comic!? I must looking forward it!!!<3 <3

About the OC,OMG I’m very flattered!!!!!(>///<)

Well if you won’t mind you can take »Ariel«(the right one),for some reason she’s the character who most like me(not all but almost XD)

Or you can just based on Aulauly(the left one) to create an OC,that’s also what I look like LOL

About Aulauly’s gender,you can make him or her or neutral,just do what you want to do,I’m happy with anything :D

Uh,I have no idea that I even answer the right questions,wish my answer won’t bothers you^^||| If I did please ask me again!

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